Ionopure™ Sanitizer - 20 oz. Refill Pouch


  • Use for everyday sanitizing around the house, door knobs, light switches, kitchen counters, bathroom vanity, etc.
  • Mimics the solution created by your white blood cells to fight germs
  • This non-toxic, natural solution is as powerful as bleach while being 100% safe around kids and pets
  • Sanitize any hard surface without fumes, residue, or damage
  • 20 oz/600 mL
20 oz. Refill Pouch, ea
  • Description

Cleaning removes the dirt, debris, grease, etc. and sanitizing kills the germs. Eliminate odor-causing bacteria on soft surfaces instead of masking smells with artificial scents. Packaged in a reusable, refillable bottle for maximum product freshness and sustainability. 99% water, 1% HOCI/free available chlorine.